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reno 2

Consorting With the Enemy Chapter 5 - A Reno/Tifa fanfic - WiP

It's all under the LJ CUT:

A/N: This chapter was originally much darker, but I took rageofloki's suggestion and edited it down. I want it to be gritty, but not to the point of the characters being un-redeemable. (is that a word? Don't know, don't care.) It's still darker than most everything I write.

Warning: This chapter contains mature/sexually suggestive content and language.
fire mystic

Chapter V

Tifa managed a block and a half before she made a U-turn and headed straight back to the Shinra building. What right did Tseng have to step in before she had a chance to give them a dose of their own medicine? And Reno? How dare he restrain her? And the fact that he had read her actions well enough to know exactly how to physically dominate her was all the more irritating.
Back in the lobby, she ignored the secretary at the main desk, who seemed unable to decide if stopping her was worth leaving her desk. The desk won out, but Tifa noticed her picking up the phone, and nearly certain that phone call was about her, wondered when the Turks would swoop down on her.
She oriented herself as she walked, heading down the hall in which she had last seen Tseng and Reno. She was well down the hall when it occurred to her that she had no idea where they had been going, but, damn it, if she had to knock randomly on doors to find them, she was not going to leave here without having her say.
It didn’t matter in the end, as she passed a set of secure doors, marked restricted personnel, no less, and the doors opened, allowing a young woman in a lab coat into the hall. Through the door, Tifa caught a glimpse of Tseng talking to Reno and she grabbed the door before it had a chance to swing shut, clearing her throat to make her presence known.
Tseng turned to her, cellphone pressed to his ear.
“There’s no need to worry Sherry. She’s with me. I’ll take care of it.” He flipped closed and pocketed the phone and turned that obscenely mature voice on her. “I thought you were on your way home, Ms. Lockhart. Imagine my surprise, being informed of your return.”
Reno stepped forward, tapping Tseng’s arm in the process.
“I got this, Boss.”
He was already steering Tifa back into the hall, a firm hand on her upper arm.
“How dare you?”
Tifa pulled her arm away, but the door had already closed, the sound of the lock engaging with a snap, closing her off from Tseng. No matter. If she couldn’t give him a piece of her mind, Reno would do just fine.
“I’ve had just as much of this as I can take.” She squared her shoulders indignantly, Reno’s casual demeanor fueling her need to state her case.
“Doesn’t seem that way, with you coming back for more, yo.” His amusement did nothing but irritate her further.
“What makes you think you can push me around? You had no right interfering before with that girl, Aerith.”
His eyes narrowed, intensely focusing on her, the tattoos framing the dangerous glint forming in the depths of his eyes.
“So you were going to take on a whole gang of Turks yourself, huh?”
Tifa nodded vehemently.
“It was the right thing to do! Tseng shouldn’t have interfered and you had no right to put your hands on me!”
“And you think you would have been able to handle them all, yo?” He was grinning again, advancing on her, the tone of his voice shifting to something she hadn’t expected and wasn’t sure she wanted to deal with. “You must be much more experienced than I gave you credit for, Lockhart.”
Oh, yes, Tifa recognized that tone: Suggestive and lascivious, implying a deeper, seedier meaning between the lines.
All she could utter in response was a surprised squawk as he backed her to the wall, his close proximity muddling her thoughts.
“Did you come back here just to bitch?” One hand threaded through her hair until it was securely tangled at the back of her head. “Or was there something else you were after?” The other hand slid down the front of her body, over the curve of her breast, spreading out over the flat of her stomach to curl around the dip of her waist and then over the flair of her hip, gripping, pulling her closer, refusing her retreat.
Tifa ceased her struggling completely as he locked their bodies together. He was aroused, the evidence of which was pressed, quite intentionally, she was sure, into the tenderness of her lower belly.
“You can feel that, can’t you?”
Oh, yeah, it was intentional. Tifa wondered if holding her breath would keep her from inciting further reaction from him. It was quite enough that her anger was bleeding away in the face of a growing erotic awareness.
“You didn’t notice it before, did you? Too busy trying to get away to bother noticing my cock pressed up against your ass, all because you wanted to take on a bunch of Turks.”
He used the grip in her hair to hold her face so she couldn’t turn away, the eye contact painfully intimate as he spoke to her, his lips nearly touching hers, his breath warm over her skin, and Tifa was frozen, caught between shock and lust, fighting an internal battle, knowing that if he closed that already barely-there space between them, she wasn’t sure if she would push him away or kiss him back.
“Maybe,” his lips tickled along the skin of her cheek until he could whisper in her ear, “you should try taking on one Turk before you go for a whole group of them. You think you can handle it?” He held her tight as the spell broke. “I’d be gentle with you, Lockhart, teach you anything you want to know.”
Reno stepped back from her,cautiously, moving slowly, his arms dropping to his sides as he observed her carefully, not taking his eyes from her as he punched the code and re-entered the secure area, the door slipping closed cutting off his view of Shinra’s newest employee. He had done his job, distracting her nicely from her original intent. And if he had his own little bit of fun along the way, Tseng would still be happy with the results. Hell, he might even get a smile out of the stuffy bastard.
Tifa was watching him carefully as well, feeling all too much the prey at the moment, fighting to breathe past the mad thumping of her heart as she tried to make sense of what had just happened.

Tifa sat in the armchair in the living room, staring out the window as the light faded from the sky. She had spent the afternoon pacing. Then sitting. Then pacing. And she had finally worn herself down to sitting and staring out the window, still without any of the answers that she needed.
What the hell had happened?
That pretty much summed up her entire day. Well, that, and what the hell had she been thinking? Various images of her day kept leaping around in her mind randomly, all refusing to let her think about any one part of it for more than a few seconds at a time. She still couldn’t think about Professor Hojo without feeling ill. Her meeting with Mr. Shinra, she realized now, had been a complete failure; he had humored her, and she felt completely patronized. She didn’t want to think of the confrontation with the Turks. She still couldn’t believe what she had witnessed, what the Turks had done, that no one had stepped forward to put a stop to it. No one but her,that is. She could still feel the incredulous stares following her as she left the Shinra building, stares of people who wondered if she was really that brave or that stupid.
Tseng had said the Turks wouldn’t hurt Aerith. Could she trust that? She wasn’t so sure that would have been the case had she not interfered. She was pretty sure by Aerith’s reaction that she was already hurting, if not physically, then emotionally. And could she trust that the girl would make it home safely? Well, it was a little to late to worry about that now. If she hadn’t been so rattled, she might have thought to wait and see the girl at least leave the building without further incident. What was someone like Aerith doing working for Shinra anyway?
And then there was Reno. What kind of game had he been playing? In a matter of a few minutes, he had totally twisted her emotions, leaving her unsure of his intent. Was he attracted to her? Did he really think she had returned to Shinra because she was attracted to him? Were his lewd suggestions something he really believed? Or were they just that: Lewd suggestions meant to disgust her? Damn if she could tell.
What disturbed her most, though, was that she was attracted to him. It certainly wasn’t to his personality; he had been nothing but an ass as far as she was concerned. But her body reacted to him in the most primal way possible, to the point where it was frightening to her. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he knew it. Or at least acted like he knew it.
Or was that part of his game, too?
The front door opened and closed, and Tifa nearly flew out of the living room to find out who it was. Elena. Well, who else did she expect? Who else would have a key?
Oh, like the people she had been in contact with in the past few hours would need a key, Who was she kidding?
“What a day. I was asked today if we would be able to do a last minute catering job tomorrow for a small party. You’ll be available, won’t you?”
Elena turned from hanging her coat up and stopped short as she finally got a good look at Tifa.
“Are you okay? You look strange.”
Tifa, having realized her bizarre behavior, backed up a couple of steps and tried to resume something akin to normal. As a last resort to keep some measure of control, she led the way to the kitchen, busying herself with making a pot of coffee..
“I’m fine, but I can second you on that ‘what a day’. I’ve certainly had better.”
She could feel Elena watching her, and when she turned, she found the blond studying at her, perhaps too closely, tilting her head as she inspected Tifa’s expression.
“Were you expecting someone else?”
Tifa glanced past Elena, back through the kitchen door.
“From now on, I think we should expect just about anyone.”
Elena quizzically followed her gaze, but said nothing, waiting to see if Tifa would further elaborate, but Tifa still had a slightly haunted look about her.
She took mugs out of the cabinet, placing them on the kitchen table as she sat.
“Okay, then. So are you in for tomorrow?”
Tifa shook her head, confused.
“I don’t know. My new job with Shinra seems to be an on call thing. I’d hate to say yes, and then have them call me at the last minute.”
“Come on, Tifa. You can’t sit around waiting for them to call you. We have rent due in a couple of days. We need to take what we can get.”
“I didn’t say I wouldn’t do my part.”
Tifa disappeared into the apartment, coming back within a few seconds to drop the envelope on the table in front of Elena.
“I don’t think rent will be a problem.”
Completely baffled by Tifa’s behavior, Elena picked up the envelope and opened it. Tifa knew by the widening in her eyes when Elena had focused on what she was holding and the amount the check was made out for.
“Oh my God, Tifa. What did you do for this?”
“Not nearly what I thought I was going to have to, that’s for sure.”
Recounting her day to Elena, from the Turk that picked her up to the Turks she had a confrontation with, and very carefully leaving out her personal confrontation with Reno, Tifa had the surreal feeling that she could be talking about someone else’s life. From Elena’s dumbfounded reaction, she was most likely thinking pretty much the same thing.
“They gave you a check like this for dancing with one of their employees?” Clearly, she couldn’t believe it. “Imagine what they might have paid you for fucking him!”
“Elena!” Tifa nearly dropped the coffee pot on the way to the table. She was going to need something stronger than coffee to drink if this conversation continued.
Elena clapped a hand over her mouth, stifling an erupting giggle.
“I guess that wouldn’t have been a good thing, but damn, Tifa. Does Mrs. Shinra need another assistant? I wouldn’t mind a paycheck like this once in a while.”
The indirect reminder of Aerith was sobering.
“She has another assistant. That’s the girl the Turk’s were harassing.”
“Ah. Good thing you were there to put them in their place.”
“I don’t know about that. Tseng and Reno stepped in before it got to that.”
The phone rang, and Elena snagged the handheld from the counter next to her. From the brief exchange, Tifa knew it was for her before Elena held the receiver out to her with a smile and a wink, holding her hand over the mouthpiece.
“Mrs. Shinra calling for a Ms. Tifa Lockhart.”
Tifa didn’t bother to control her eyes from rolling as she accepted the phone and pressed it to her ear.
“Hello Mrs. Shinra.”
“I’ve heard you had a busy day today, Ms. Lockhart.” Right down to business, and Tifa had no way of knowing if it was good business or bad.
“I guess you could say that, yes.”
“It is my understanding that you handled it all rather well. And Aerith tells me that you also assisted her in her errand at the office.”
“Yes.” Should she say more than that? What, exactly, had Aerith told Mrs. Shinra? Perhaps the less said the better in this case.
“Very good. I have a good feeling about you Ms. Lockhart.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Shinra.”
“You will be free tomorrow morning, won’t you?”
Tifa mouthed the words ‘she wants me to work tomorrow morning’ and Elena nodded, dismissing Tifa from her previous request with a wave of her hand.
“Of course, Mrs. Shinra.”
“Very good.” Mrs. Shinra didn’t sound as if there had ever been a doubt. “I’ll have a car there at eight. Please be ready. Good night.”
The line was dead before Tifa could protest and tell Mrs. Shinra to just give her a location and she would be wherever she was needed.
“Good night,” she said to the dead phone, then hit the end-call button and handed it back to Elena as she took her coffee cup and headed for her room.

“By the way,” she called back to the kitchen as she passed the front door and a last minute thought occurred to her, “I want a security chain put on the door.”


He was a whole lot creepier before the edit, which was much more sexually aggressive and predatory. I want him to have an edge in this, but it came into question whether he would be redeemable if I didn't edit some.

Thanks for commenting.
I was expecting a smut scene!
I was waiting for you to update this!
Oh, the smut is coming. In a variety of forms, some darker than others. Thanks for commenting.
Reno's a ass...
I can say that I'm the boyfriend.
The story is very good but Reno is still a ass....
Yeah, but, well, I explained this to you right? And he was much more of an ass before the edit, yes? Thanks to you, I managed to avoid the total sexual predator behavior, although I still think there was something to the whole supply closet scene. :)
What a treat! Thanks for writing this. This is a great AU and their characterisations are wonderful. I agree with fleurdelis about Reno. I'll keep following this.
I'm hoping to keep the characterizations close to those in canon, with a reasonable amount of flexibility of course, so thanks for the feedback on that, and thanks for commenting.
lol. I guess he really did push it in this chapter. I'm glad I toned it down. Otherwise he might not have been redeemable (the unedited version was TOTAL ass, I guess)

It's wishful thinking on Tifa's part, but I'm not sure if any number of locks or chains would be good enough to keep the Turks out!

Thanks much for commenting!