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Forbidden - Chapter 28 - Giving Chase - ffvii Genesis/Tifa WiP

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When asked for help with a title for this chapter, rageofloki, on Tifa's behalf, suggested "I'm With Stupid". LOL. Poor Reno! But really, Tifa, you should have just sent him packing. Or at least slapped him.


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Giving Chase

Tifa couldn't have found words to describe the panic that had seized her and was setting all her nerves on edge. Reno was walking away, and all Tifa could do was stare after him, though she saw nothing but the blinding white of growing hysteria.

"You comin' or not, yo. I ain't got all day." Reno's words worked well enough to break the surface of her tension, and the brief respite let her regain some focus.

She quickly thought back on the conversation they had, if it could be called that, scrambling to piece together the bits of what he had said into a bigger picture of what he might actually know. Had he seen Genesis? Reno hadn't mentioned him by name, and that was a good thing, right? There certainly had to be more than one or two red-heads around, didn't there? Sadly, off the top of her head, she couldn't think of any that she knew, or that she might have been seen and associated with. But the worst of it was that he had mentioned this in combination with the Shinra facility. Had Reno been watching her? Following her? How much had he seen? How much did he know?

She had started walking, following him numbly, automatically. Whatever Reno knew, and he would never tell her the whole of it, she was not going to let him trap her into telling him any more. After all, she rationalized, maybe, just maybe, he was running his mouth on nothing but a few rumors he had picked up on, and was doing nothing more than fishing for more information. Keeping that in mind, Tifa decided to follow for now, neither admitting or denying anything that Reno had said.

She hesitated only briefly when they reached a car, obviously a Shinra vehicle, noticeable even without the Shinra plates that declared it so, and Reno nodded at the passenger side door for her as he slipped into the driver seat. Did she really want to get in a car with Reno? Could this be a ruse of some sort? No, she decided. Reno was more direct than that.

She sat in silence next to him as he drove, trying not to express in any way her annoyance at the smug grin that was plastered on his face. God, how she hated that grin. Thankfully, he didn't seem to have anymore taunts to make, and it was at least a quiet ride, even if the silence was uncomfortable.

Reno didn't take the same route out of town Tifa had the night she had met Genesis at the outpost, and she found some relief in that. It was short-lived when he finally stopped on the side of the road, and Tifa recognized the foothills she had traversed. She hadn't recognized the route they took to get there, but the final location was unmistakeable. The relief she had felt sank even further away as Reno led her unerringly along the same path she had followed. He turned to face her when they reached the hidden entrance.

"Looks familiar, doesn't it, Lockhart."

Not wanting to admit anything, Tifa gave him her best humoring expression.

"This is your adventure, Reno. I was just wondering if there was going to be popcorn." She found the momentary scowl that crossed his face deliciously satisfying, but it did nothing to abate the sinking feeling she had in her gut as she followed him into the tunnel.

Without hesitation, he led into the interior, the eery glow of the blue lights illuminating the way. One door to another, he checked each one, testing the handle, then opening it to check inside, taunting her as he went.

"Will it be this one, Lockhart? No? Well, let's check the next." And on he went, never disappointed when he didn't find anything, cocky and sure he was going to find something, acting as if every door was a present he was opening, and the next was going to be just what he wanted.

There was no comfort in the fact that he had a master key, and with each door, Tifa's heart beat a bit faster and rose a bit higher in her chest. She didn't know the extent to which Genesis was occupying the building, how many rooms he had been in or might have left a trace in. She didn't think they would catch Genesis off guard, but she was convinced that the proverbial game was up and the truth was about to be discovered. Would they round a corner to find Genesis ready to defend himself? Did Genesis have some kind of alarm set up, some way of knowing when someone was coming? Hard as she tried, Tifa couldn't think of a way to warn him without admitting anything to Reno, and she wasn't going to do that unless she absolutely had to.

And finally, there was no hiding it anymore. They had reached one of the rooms which Tifa knew Genesis was using. What now? If he wasn't there, what excuse could she use? Should she act surprised? Or as if a trace of inhabitance was perfectly normal, and why would she be surprised?

The tension mounted within her until she thought she might scream with frustration, and she hoped that Reno couldn't hear her heart beating as loudly as it sounded to her, and that he didn't notice her holding her breath at every turn. Or how she closed her eyes as he swung the door open and waited for the worst.

But nothing happened.

After checking the room as he had all the others, he backed out, pulling the door closed behind him. What? Bewildered, Tifa had to restrain herself from re-opening the door and looking for herself, but wouldn't that be a dead giveaway? No, she simply had to follow, determining that she would take a peek into the rest of the rooms he opened.

In the quick glances she took, there was nothing to be seen, no evidence that anyone had been within the building in the recent past, no papers, nothing disturbed. Everything was as it should have been in a deserted building.

At long last, they reached the door of the room Genesis was using to sleep in. Sure of Reno's victory, Tifa braced herself as he opened the door and walked into the room.

There were no exclamations of "A-HA!", no satisfied chuckle, no scuffle of two men fighting it out. Acting merely curious, Tifa followed Reno into the room.

Nothing. Nothing, and more nothing.

There wasn't a hint of Genesis in the room. Not a piece of clothing, not a book. Even the scent of him had faded. The bed at the far side of the room, the same one she had coalesced on, that they had made love on, was nothing but a frame covered with an old mattress. There were no sheets, no blankets, no pillows.

Of Genesis or any other occupant, there was no trace.

Instead of relief, Tifa's fear of what Reno was going to find and being outted before she was prepared to deal with it turned to an entirely different kind of fear which swirled around with confusion and left her feeling rather sick.

Maybe they weren't in the same Shinra facility. They all looked alike, right? And she could have gotten turned around on the way here and gotten confused about the trails looking the same. Right?

No. She knew that wasn't true. She knew they were in the same facility Genesis had brought her to. She hadn't been mistaken about that. But maybe she had mistaken how much presence Genesis had here. Could she have remembered wrong? Maybe there had been no coverings on the bed. Maybe he had just covered her with his jacket. Perhaps she had been hallucinating the whole thing.

Frustration was beginning to show on Reno's behalf. He wasn't finding what he thought he was going to find, and he was running out of places to look. As they came full circle to the entrance of the hidden tunnel, he wheeled on her, confronting her.

"Where is he, yo? I know you met someone here. Where is he?"

Shaking off the numbness she was feeling, Tifa blinked at Reno. He knew she had met someone here, but not who she had met.

"We just walked through the entire building and there was nothing there. What do you want me to say?"

She had always found a certain amusement when Reno got angry or frustrated. Now she was just tired.

"Just get in the car, yo. I'll take you home."

"Thanks a lot, but I think I'd rather walk." Seventh Heaven wasn't right around the corner, but it wasn't an impossible walk either, and there was no way she was getting in that car with Reno again.

His eyes narrowed, and she sensed the suspicion in them.

"You can follow me if you want to. It's your time your wasting. You've already wasted enough of mine." She started down the trail, leaving him standing at the doorway. Turning back after about twenty paces, she quipped, "And to think, you didn't even bring popcorn. Really Reno, you're a horrible host." She didn't want Reno to know how rattled she was, how tired she was. How confused she was.

The walk home did nothing to make her feel better. Questions raced through her mind, from how Reno knew she had met someone there, to what had happened to Genesis. All of it sloshed around in her head, until she got to a point where she doubted her own memories and sanity. Could she have imagined her rendezvous with Genesis? Or his rescuing her and bringing her to the Shinra facility to heal? Or maybe her timeline was screwed up. Maybe the monster had poisoned her and the poison had caused hallucinations and that's what she was remembering now.

Or maybe she was just losing her mind.

As it turned out, Reno did follow her home, creeping along behind her and taking off with a screech of tires as she reached Seventh Heaven. Oh, how she hated that man!

The bar was silent and dim, and she headed upstairs, which was nearly as silent, but a bit brighter. Denzel flew past her has she climbed the stairs, headphones stuck in his ears, and saluting her with the skateboard that was tucked under his arm.

"Be careful," she called after him, but wasn't sure he heard her over the music blasting. She listened for other sounds in the house, and not hearing anything, checked further to see who else was around. The office was empty and there was a note by the phone that indicated Cloud had taken a job that might keep him on the road for a couple of days. She walked past his room, contemplated knocking to make sure no one was there but thought better of it. If he was there by chance, she didn't really have it in her to deal with whatever mood he might be in. She approached Marlene's door as well, this time tapping gently before opening the door when there was no answer. Cloud could take care of himself, but Marlene was her responsibility, and she felt compelled to check on her. Marlene was nowhere in sight, but her diary lay on her bed.

Tifa had nearly retreated, pulling the door shut behind her, but the lure was too great. Maybe Marlene had left a note or something about where she had gone. Looking around the room for that note, trying to justify what she was about to do, Tifa finally gave into her curiosity and opened the diary to the last few entries. One about how angry Marlene was because Tifa interfered with Reno.

And one about how she was glad Tifa had never found out about her following her. And seeing her meet the "mystery man". And how she couldn't be sure but she thought the man had red hair.

The pieces started to click together and her encounter with Reno began to make a bit more sense, as did some of the things Marlene had said. Reno hadn't seen Tifa meeting Genesis after all. It had been Marlene the entire time. This was good and bad. On the good side, Marlene didn't know who Genesis was, obviously, or if she had ever heard of him, she didn't recognize him. On the bad, apparently Marlene and Reno were still talking to each other despite whatever messages Marlene had shown Tifa and her claims that Reno wasn't talking to her anymore. And now Marlene was working against Tifa, though Tifa doubted that Marlene was knowingly doing anything in favor of Shinra.

Squelching the anger that threatened to rise, Tifa made sure to leave the room exactly as it had been before going back to her own room and sinking down tiredly on the bed in the blissful peace of an empty house. Letting her brain wind down, logic and reason reasserted itself, and Tifa was finally able to think straight.

Something had most likely tipped Genesis off that he needed to get out of town. He had known he was taking a risk being this close to Edge, and probably had an escape plan in place. And though he had to bale quickly, he would find a way to let her know.

Tifa checked her phone. No message. She kept checking her phone, obsessively over the next few days. Still nothing. No message, no notes, no mail. No indication that Genesis was trying to get in touch with her. On the fourth day, she called Minna in the hopes her friend had heard something. After all, Genesis had contacted her since Tifa had returned from vacation. Minna would be the perfect person to leave a message with. Alas, Minna hadn't seen or heard from Genesis for quite some time. Sensing Tifa's distress, she promised to send Asa out to the Shinra facility nearby and the surrounding area to see if he could find Genesis. During their entire conversation, Tifa was very careful to identify Genesis as only "my friend" or "the friend I met when I was there". Minna, bless her heart, picked up on this, and followed suit, even during her follow-up phone calls.

Unfortunately, after two days searching, Asa found nothing. Genesis did not contact her.

And just like that, just as quickly and mysteriously as he had entered Tifa's life, Genesis was gone.


Distraction - Chapter 29 - Weathering the Storm -WK in progress

a/n: I have been working on (and worrying over) this for a very long time. So long so that has completely changed their formating and I had forgotten my password. What a nightmare!  I'm sorry for the delay, but it has been a very long time since I have been able to write fluently. On anything! I only hope there is still someone left out there to read and enjoy it.

Weathering the Storm

Keeping up with Aya turned out to be an impossible task. The combination of the darkness and the weather were difficult enough to deal with, but even without them, Yohji had a feeling that Aya would have been impossible to track. Kneeling in the rain after his confrontation with Schuldig, Aya had taken control of his breathing, stood slowly, sheathed his katana, and turned one last purposeful gaze at Yohji before taking off into the elements. The resolve in that last expression, full of determination, hate, vengeance, and fear, was beyond anything Yohji had seen before in Aya, which, all things considered, filled him with dread.

In the end, Yohji had to rely on the first few minutes of pursuit to give him a pretty good idea that Aya was going back to the shop, otherwise he would have lost him. He wanted to keep up with him, and never gave up the chase, but he simply couldn't match the energy that had possessed Aya. By the time he reached the shop and made his way through the building, following the muffled thumping from upstairs, he finally caught up with Aya as the man finished pulling open drawers and throwing items onto the bed and was now furiously jamming them into a small travel bag. Then he began to pace.

Letting Aya work out the anger, Yohji watched, waited, and finally listened, finding out about the conversation he had narrowly missed and Schuldig's taunts. All the while, Aya relentlessly paced, watching his cell phone on the dresser with an intensity that was frightening. Yohji willed the phone to ring, knowing that was the only solution to Aya's anxiety.

"You really think he was just jerking me around?"

Aya didn't hesitate in his actions to ask the question, didn't deviate by even a step. Yohji stayed out of his path, leaning against the wall, knowing full well he wouldn't be able to sit still if he tried.

"He's a mind fucker, Aya. I wouldn't believe him if he said the ocean was wet without feeling it for myself."

"But it could be true."

"This is easy, Aya. One phone call will confirm or deny, and Manx will let you know. We just need to be patient."

It was ironic, Yohji thought, that it was so easy to say the words, to be reassuring, even while he was struggling with his own pain and concern. Aya had been faced with some harsh bites of reality tonight, from both enemies and allies, from being sent on a mission that was obviously faulted to begin with, to not having adequate back-up, to having to confront Schuldig on such nasty terms. And now having to worry about his sister. Yohji suspected that when the situation was resolved with Aya's sister, Aya would be doing some serious considering or reconsidering in terms of their relationship. That was simply the way Aya worked, and though Aya had come a long way, Yohji knew quite a bit of well-hidden fragility remained.

Yohji repeated it, the mantra that seemed to be the key to success with Aya: One step at a time. And the current step was getting him through this crisis with his sister, making sure she was safe, and that Schuldig couldn't touch her. And that wasn't going to happen until Manx returned Aya's phone call. Yohji just hoped Aya didn't implode before that happened.

Aya's pacing was picking up a frantic rhythm, fraying at the edges of Yohji's calmer demeanor until he finally could no longer stand by and watch. Gathering his resolve, Yohji pushed himself away from the wall, and placed himself squarely in Aya's path.

He guessed Aya might react in many different ways and was prepared for most of them. He expected Aya might step around him and keep pacing as if Yohji weren't there. He expected Aya might not even care to step around, and might simply push him out of the way. He was prepared for violence, though he wasn't looking forward to that possibility given Aya's state of agitation and his personal knowledge of Aya's capabilities.

Aya stopping short in front of him, taking a trembling breath and leaning forward to rest his forehead against Yohji's chest, however, was not at the top of the list of what Yohji had expected. And for the first time that evening, Aya wasn't moving, didn't even seem to be breathing. After the violent rage and then the pacing, the stillness was unnerving.

It was natural to reach out to Aya, to touch him, offer even that small comfort. It wasn't natural to have to check to make sure his hand wasn't trembling before he placed it on Aya's arm.

"I need to know," Aya spoke softly but raggedly, "that she's all right. That they can take care of her, defend her. That they haven't already fucked it up."

When Aya-chan had first been rescued, Aya had wanted to keep her close, but Manx had given him a good argument why that would be dangerous. And even if Aya hadn't bought the argument, Manx hadn't offered a choice. Aya-chan was being taken out of the country, whether Aya liked the plan or not, with Manx's word that Aya-chan would be well protected and watched out for.

Was it possible Manx and Kritiker had already failed? It would seem so if Schuldig had really gotten that close to Aya-chan, and if that were the case, it seems all the arguments Manx had made to keep Aya-chan at a distance were mute, in which case, Aya-chan would have been just as safe, if not safer, staying closer to home.

Yohji felt a slow-burning anger building in his gut at what Kritiker had done, how they had returned the one thing Aya lived for and then stripped him of all possible control over the situation.

And, if Yohji had learned nothing else, it was how much Aya valued control.

His hand had slid the length of Aya's arm and now rested at the crook of his neck, cradling his head, holding his forehead pressed to his chest, his own head bowed over Aya's till he could just barely feel the feather-light brush of Aya's hair on his face. They were still standing this way when the phone jangled a few seconds later, and Yohji felt the tension sing through Aya's body, tightening the muscles beneath Yohji's fingertips.

For a brief second, they remained as they were, Aya not moving, Yohji doing nothing to restrain or urge him to action. When they stepped apart, it was in unison, and while Yohji did nothing to stop Aya from reaching for the phone, he rested his hand on Aya's just before he picked it up, keeping Aya from answering until he said what he needed to say. He felt Aya's gaze on him, but kept his eyes locked on the hand he was touching.

"You and me, Aya." This was the only promise he could make, the only thing he could offer at this point that would make Aya understand that he was in this for the long haul. "Whatever needs to be done, this is what we do, what we're good at." He met Aya's gaze then. "If Kritiker has fucked this up, we will fix it."

And he meant it. Even if Aya decided that he couldn't do the personal relationship thing, that it would be too difficult to take the risk, Yohji would stand beside him in this, would see that it was made right.

"Yohji." There was a quality to Aya's voice Yohji didn't want to identify. He didn't want to know if it was disbelief or warning, or something else Aya held deep within.

"You and me, Aya. Whatever it takes." It was a promise he would keep, whatever Aya was thinking at the moment. And he needed Aya to know how serious he was.

Aya searched his eyes and face for a moment longer before picking up the phone.

"I want to know..."

And with just those few words, Yohji could hear, Manx cut him off, in a bit too shrill yet no nonsense tone. He couldn't quite make out the words, but he could guess that Manx had somehow gotten the word that the mission had gone south. Yohji watched as the tension built even further in Aya's shoulders, in the stiffening of his spine, in the set of his features, in the gathering whiteness of his knuckles gripping the phone. He stepped back a fraction, giving that tension room for action, but it didn't erupt physically.

It was very quiet when it came, very low key, and yet with Aya's soft-spoken words Manx was silenced and there was a new energy in the air.

"I don't care about the mission, Manx. It was a bust from the beginning, and you should have known that. What I care about, what I have always cared about, is my sister, and I heard a rumor that she may be in danger, and since you're the only connection I have to her, I need to know if there's any truth to that."

Still silence on the other end, and Yohji found he was holding his breath in anticipation of Manx's response. Whatever it was, it was quiet enough that he couldn't catch it, but Aya's answer made it clear enough.

"I'll be waiting."

It didn't take even an hour for Manx to get back to Aya, with a full report over the phone, which she promised to follow up with pictures and a written report. Schuldig had indeed been seen in the city where Aya-chan was located, but there was no indication he had any contact with her. In fact, if it hadn't been for Aya's call, Schuldig's close proximity to Aya-chan might have gone completely unnoticed. They were still working on finding out exactly what he was doing there, but they were relatively sure Aya-chan was safe.

As if all these slips in security would be good enough for Aya.

"I want her back in Japan."

It was the first he had spoken since he had said hello in answering the phone, and Yohji gave up his attempt at a nap while leaning back on Aya's bed to turn his head, watch Aya, and see what more he could figure out from the one side he could hear of the conversation.

"I don't care, Manx. You sent her away thinking she'd be safer, but Schuldig managed to find her. If he can find her, anyone can." A pause, and then "Do you really think it was just coincidence?" Another pause and "I didn't think so."

The conversation carried on for a few minutes, and when all was said and done, Aya hung up the phone looking tired and worried. Between the mission gone awry and the potential danger to his sister and lack of sleep, his exhaustion was beginning to tell.

"I'm going to take a shower." He stripped his clothes and headed out the door without a word and Yohji could hear the water running in the shower. When he returned, a towel slung low on his hips, Yohji followed suit, realizing how long it had been since the whole miserable night had begun, and the two of them had spent this entire time in their mission clothes, which had been drenched.

From the shower, he went to his room to put on dry clothes, old jeans and a comfortable shirt, which he left unbuttoned, and then back to Aya's room, wanting to hear what he had missed from Aya's conversation with Manx, and wanting simply to be there. As much as he had been trying to respect Aya's need for privacy and space, he had a nagging feeling that now was not the time for that, that he needed to stay close and be prepared for anything.

Aya was sitting in his chair, also wearing a pair of old jeans, but his shirt was buttoned up and neatly tucked, and he was curled up in that cat-like way he had, staring out the window. Yohji took a seat on the edge of the bed, which Aya had cleared off. There was no sign of the bag he had packed earlier.

"Omi and Ken are back. They came in a few minutes ago. Omi's going to take care of following up on the mission's failure with Manx."

"Are they okay?"

"A couple of cuts and bruises, but they're fine." Aya swept that part of the conversation away with his hand, still staring out the window at the darkness.

"Did you mean it?"

The change of topic was sudden, but Yohji knew exactly what Aya was talking about.


"You know what that could have meant, right?"

Yohji's shoulders rolling in a casual shrug belied the seriousness of the topic.

"It would have meant going against orders. Breaking from Kritiker, working outside their directive. Going rogue."

Aya turned to study him with that intensity that only Aya seemed to possess.

"And you would have done that? For me?"

And here was the moment, Yohji knew. It was his answer that Aya was waiting for, that would tip the balance of whatever Aya was thinking, and no matter what Yohji said or how he tried to explain it, it would be either the best or the worst thing he would say.

Best to stick to the truth, which was short and simple.


There was no visible reaction from Aya. He held Yohji in that intense stare and then turned away as if Yohji's answer meant nothing.

"Manx is going to try to talk Kritiker into bringing Aya-chan back to Japan. I think she was a little unnerved by the fact that Schuldig got that close to her without Kritiker noticing, and I think she realizes that I won't do my best for Weiss if I'm always worrying about Aya-chan. I think she'll make it happen." He paused fractionally. "I think she knows what's at stake."

Of course she did, Yohji thought. From the beginning, Aya prime motivation had been revenge and to save his sister. Now it was to keep his sister safe, and if Kritiker couldn't do that, it would be the one thing that would cause them to lose Aya's cooperation.

And that would be bad for everyone involved. Manx would be aware of that, and what the consequences would be. At least Manx was trying to work it out, find a resolution that would work for all involved. Crisis averted, right?

But Aya was thinking too hard. Yohji could see it in his expression, and while a part of him wanted to simply blurt out his concerns, another part of him knew it would do no good, and as with everything else, Aya had to deal with whatever his thoughts were in his own time. So Yohji did what he did best lately. He tried to give Aya exactly what he needed.

"You look tired, Aya, and I'm completely beat. Think we should try to get some sleep?"

Aya let the idea seep in and slowly nodded his head as he uncurled his body from the chair. He was already unbuttoning his shirt as he got up, neatly folding it over the back of the chair. He slowed as he got to the button and zipper on his jeans, glancing at Yohji curiously.

"What's wrong?" He halted in his motions. "You're staying, aren't you?"

Until then, Yohji hadn't been sure if it would be better to stay, or better to let Aya think on his own terms. But if Aya was issuing the invitation, he wasn't going to say no. And though he was grateful that Aya wanted him to stay, he noticed that it was a long time before Aya finally drifted into a fitful sleep.

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 I am behind on keeping up with everything.  It's been a busy week and a busy weekend, and I've been having difficulty keeping up.  But I will get there.

My thoughts are with those dealing with the devastation in Japan, and to those who might be further affected in the aftermath.  The images are horrifying.  I am in awe, and cannot even imagine what you are dealing with.

Taking Chances - Weiss Kruez - Brad/Nagi - Complete

Fandom:  Weiss Kreuz
Pairing:  Brad/Nagi
Rating:  M  

Warnings for yaoi/explicit erotic content.
Word Count:  5,811
A/N: This fic is so far from my comfort zone.  My first big problem?  What to call Bradley Crawford.  Because in my mind, he's Crawford, but that sounded so cold for parts of this.  Yet, there was something about the name Brad that drove me NUTS!  Second, I meant for this to be SMUT.  Yes, you heard me.  Smut.  But apparently, I can't write smut without some sort of storyline.  So I guess that puts it in the category of "sorta smut"?  

I played with the timeline, I'm sure, in order to make it all fit at the end of Gluhen, as well as to be able to consider Nagi legal age (because even though they are anime/manga characters, even I'm not that perverted!).  I also may have completely messed up the whole Eszett/Rosenkreuz/Schwarz thing, but that's the way I perceived it, so that's the way I wrote it.  If it offends, sorry.  I also know nothing of the dramas.  Kapitel and Gluhen are it for me, so all my WK is based off of them.
 I've also never written these two as anything but incidental characters, so I'm hoping I did them justice in some way.

Oh, and rageofloki thought I should call this "Stop This or you'll go Blind". What? There's only one spot that really refers to.

That said, I own nothing of WK. I only play with the characters.


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